Trace the Dots...
From Farm to Fork

Introducing RiginO, an end-to-end traceability platform enabling food manufacturers to log and show every internal and external product transformation and incident throughout the supply chain.

Trace the Dots...
From Farm to Fork

Introducing RiginO, an end-to-end traceability platform enabling food manufacturers to log and show every internal and external product transformation and incident throughout the supply chain.


RiginO enables food manufacturers to log and manage their product journey throughout the supply chain. Starting with farmers and third-party suppliers, through internal transactions and distribution chains, all the way to retailer shelves and customers’ hands, Rigino lets you trace the dots… From Farm to Fork!

Manage Suppliers

RiginO helps you map the suppliers involved in the sourcing and production processes. Each purchase is logged, and can then traced be to finished and semi-finished products.


RiginO give you full-chain traceability to ensure compliance, manage suppliers, minimize recall impact and expand to new  markets, all while building customer trust.

Recall Management

Need to recall a finished product? RiginO can generate a product location list to notify the supplied trade partners who can quarantine, return or destroy just the affected batches.

Cultivate trust

Enhance your brand image by building trust with the food supply chain players, and providing choice and transparency to consumers as to the sourcing of the ingredients of their food.

Track Product Issues

Facing issues with your finished products? You can pinpoint the problem by tracing back to the problematic ingredients/components, and mitigate it with the involved supplier(s).

Live Reports

With every step and incident along the supply chain logged and mapped, you can generate trace back and track forward reports on the fly, for maximum control and efficiency

For Governments

Ensure adherence to standards and regulations. Promote transparency. Enhance food safety and citizen satisfaction.

For Producers & Manufacturers

Manage suppliers. Ensure compliance. Deal with recalls better and faster. Access new markets. Boost brand trust.

For Consumers

Achieve peace of mind. Know what went into the production of your food, and where and how it was sourced. Endorse ethically/sustainably sourced manufacturers.




Reach a wider market and new manufacturers. Cultivate trust with your current partners. Let your quality promote you!


Access global markets by complying to regulations. Get detailed data and on-demand information.


Achieve customer satisfaction. Minimize food safety hazards, and reduce incident impact.


Food manufacturers wishing to remain competitive and expand their business cannot afford not to keep up with the arising current in MENA pushing for traceability in the agro-alimentary sector - not to mention missing out on valuable opportunities of expansion to new global markets enabled by traceability.

Main Drivers

Recall Costs

Large recalls and withdrawals can be financially crippling. Tracaeability minimizes the their cost and impact.

MENA Demand

There is a growing trend in MENA with an increasing demand for  food origin awareness and traceability.

Globalization & Markets

Globalization opens up new markets, but brings new challenges like complying to different regulations.

Competitiveness & Trust

More MENA brands than ever are competing to gain favor with consumers with transparency and trust-promoting practices.



Business Development, Sales and Marketing Expert. Executive MBA

“RiginO marries our personal and professional passions as conscious consumers and business professionals”


Technical and Project Management Expert. Executive MBA

“We put our hands together to leave a footprint in the world”


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    P.O. Box: 450560

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